...Sont Les Mots Qui Vont Très Bien Ensemble...

(Michelle, the Beatles)

Man am I ever tired of doing french homework. Like... Holy shit boredom. They tell me it's good for me. I guess they're right... If I ever work out this bilingualism thing, I'll be in good shape. I don't see that happening in the near future, though. We'll see.

Anyway! On with life!

I had a good solid three hours of sitting and chatting with a friend that I don't talk to a lot last night. We sat in the Timmy's that I used to work at and just talked and drank coffee (or hot chocolate) until 2 AM. We've decided that we are going to do an open mic night at Wilf's in September. It will be lots of fun. I will need to actually learn some songs, then. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I never get to perform anymore, so it will be good. Or maybe it will serve to remind me why I don't perform anymore. :P

I have recently had it brought to my attention that I am not very smart. I used to sort of think I was bright. I guess I'm just average, at best. Maybe even kind of slow. I think this might be a rant for a day when I don't have a french assignment to finish in a few hours. I will hopefully remember to touch on this later, because I've started it now. Later, though.

A la prochaine.


It's Great To Be A Nerd

(It's Great To Be A Nerd, The Arrogant Worms)

I have been greviously neglecting this blog lately. (What else is new?) I have no excuse, just a general lack of dedication. Story of my life. You know how it is.

Anywho... (I actually really hate that word.) So solid state drives are wicked awesome for battery life! Solid state should become the new standard. Oh wait... They actually aren't. They're really worse. Wait wait wait... Nope, they're okay. Is anyone else not sure what to believe on this? As much as it's a really minimal difference, (around 20 minutes,) there's been a pretty big hubbub about it in the last couple weeks. ...If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry about it. I'm just being nerdy.

Speaking of being nerdy, helping the boyfriend build his new gaming rig this week made me want to get back into being a computer nerd. I stopped taking the computer science courses at school because I couldn't handle the course load, but I have started wishing that I hadn't. I want to build myself a wicked, stupidly expensive gaming rig now. Instead I get to borrow his old one indefinitely. (Score!)

Also... the entire world should sign up for twitter. Because I am currently the only one I know who has it. That is all.