People Are Strange...

(People Are Strange, The Doors)

Man... I can't shake this frigging cough. I've been sick for going on three weeks now. It just won't go away. It isn't getting any worse, though.

Other than that, I've had a pretty fantastic birthday weekend. I saw a friend that I don't get to see nearly often enough, spent time with both Marcel and my family without getting yelled at even once, and it wasn't even ridiculously awkward.

The craft sale was a lot of fun too. It was nice to come back and play high school music, and be able to play it really easily. I guess it just feels good to prove that I have moved forward at least a little in my abilities.

I won't get to come home until exams are over, now. That's not for another couple of weeks. I have to spend two weekends here... Maybe Marcy will come down for one of them. He said that he might. I guess, if I spend two weekends here, that makes it three weeks. Well... Two and a half, because I'm only here until Wednesday or so, after the second weekend. Still. That's a long time. I guess I'm just really dependant on being in contact with people that I care about. (Who am I kidding? I really just mean Marcy.) I don't even know what I would do if we break up, for whatever reason. I would cry. A lot. I know that much. But, after the fact, I don't know how I would deal with it. I don't really want to think about it, because then I'll get started on the religion tangent, which never ends well.

I wonder if most people can cut off a train of thought the way I can? I see something coming that I don't like, I just start thinking about something else. Maybe I'm just strange. Who knows.


What a Day This Has Been

(Almost Like Being In Love, Nat King Cole)

Actually, what a weekend. Big adventure, this weekend was. There was a near-accident on the way home, some interesting happenings on Friday night, a day full of chaos on Saturday, and a concert, a dinner out and an hour in the back of a car with Marcel's mother and sister. What a weekend.

Anyway... It sort of begins to occur to me that I should think about going to sleep, rather than sitting up all night watching movies and wasting my life on the internet. I just don't feel like sleeping. I have too much pent-up thought in me, that I don't really have any way of expressing.

Such is life, I guess.


Let It Be

(Let It Be, The Beatles)

My poor neglected blog... I haven't posted in a while. I guess I haven't had much to say in a while.

I was home this weekend... and craziness ensued, of course. But I won't get into that. Because that's more personal than I am willing to get here. :P

I came back to my residence to find that there had been some crazy drama over the weekend... Apparently the two more vocal of my roommates have had a major spat regarding the cleanliness of our apartment... Which, no doubt, is largely my fault. Because I am a big slob. At any rate, one of my roommates is talking about not coming back to Laurier next semester, or that she wants to move, if she does. I think she's just in a heated mood, so I don't think she's serious... But I think everyone just needs to calm down about this whole ordeal. Whatever... We'll see how it works out.


It's Cold and Lonely in the Deep Dark Night

(Paradise By the Dashboard Light, Meat Loaf)

Saw 3... What a good movie. I have yet to decide whether I like it as much as the first two... As usual, it was dumbed down... Which I dislike. The first one took you a little while to figure out exactly what happened. I know I personally needed to take a minute, after the movie was finished, and go over it in my mind. (Maybe that's just me, because I'm dumb, though. :P) This one was made based on the assumption that the public are morons. (Is moronic?) I hate it when things are dumbed down. The end of the DaVinci code did that too... But, regardless of the dumbing-down of the ending, it was still pretty good.

I liked the fact that Amanda turned out not to be quite as much of a souless bitch, because she had some emotion. On the other hand, she did turn out to be much more of a souless bitch, because she just killed people, and didn't "play the game." I don't know... Even the "bad guys" have to have some personality, right? There was a lot left unexplained, though. Who was Jigsaw's woman? What's the story there? What was in the envelope? What in the world was the significance of Amanda cutting herself? It seemed really to just be thrown in there for the sake of adding more gore and disturbing imagery. It could have been made clear that she was upset in much more effective ways... and that kind of bothers me. I guess I'm pretty critical about movies... They can't be dumbed down, and it can't have pointless things in it that just feed the public hunger for gore/sex/explosions. Most of the gore in Saw 3 was justified... Though it's hard to imagine where jigsaw comes up with the resources for all of these trials... The manner of the killings just keeps getting more and more elaborate and ridiculous. The rib-ripping thing was a bit much for me.

Overall, definitely worth seeing, if you liked the first ones.

On to more personal, and less analytical things: I went to the movie with a guy I've met here. (Completely platonic, I might add.) Marcy made a snide remark about not getting too scared... Wouldn't want me to start clinging to this other guy. It was a joke, made in good humour, but I know him well enough to know when something is niggling at the back of his mind. (Or, at least I think that I do... I hope so.) Maybe I should stick to group activities. :P